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Enovex makes custom compounded prescription medications, which are tailored to each individual's medical needs. We work closely with patients, patient advocates, and physicians to ensure adequate monitoring and outcomes.
Unique Formulations
Specialty Compounding
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VISIA Complexion Analysis
VISIA Complexion Analysis
See your skin's health
Our practice uses the VISIA Complexion Analysis System to provide you with easy to understand, printed reports that we use to develop your personal skin care regime.
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Total Wellness Pharmacy
Total Wellness
Is Within Your Reach
Our services are uniquely crafted to help you achieve Total Wellness. We strive to take care of all your pharmacy needs with 110% customer satisfaction. Come in today to setup your individualized Total Wellness plan.
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Weight Loss Solutions
Weight Loss
Our method of weight loss is based on thorough research, clinical studies, and provides more than just medications with special doses or customized formulations.
That Fits Your Lifestyle
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Specialty Compounding Pharmacy


Enovex makes custom compounded formulations that are unique to each patient; covering areas of pain management, hormone balancing, veterinary medications and many more…

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

At Enovex, we believe healthy weight loss is essential to optimal health for patients. We offer a wide variety of products used by physicians to help their patients lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Visia Skin Analysis

Visia® Skin Analysis

VISIA®’s technology enables a comprehensive skin evaluation which enables Enovex to develop a personalized treatment plan with custom skincare medications and progress monitoring.


Ask Dr. Ike

Online search engines are a great start, but don’t trust your health on it. Schedule your One on One health consultation with Dr. Ike and he will guide you to better health.

Refill RX

Refill RX

Takes less than a minute to fill out the form and we take care of the rest. Yes, it’s super easy. As always you are more than welcome to come in to refill your RX, this is just a little convenience tool.

Transfer RX

Transfer RX

Experience the genuine difference by transferring your RX to Enovex. At Enovex you will receive the utmost love and care you deserve. Five star service and emphasis to overall good health.

Latest health articles


Health Articles

Stay up to date with recent health articles written by Dr. Ike, technology advancements in the medical industry, natural supplement recommendations , Total Wellness guidelines, and much more.


Hormone Replacement

Enovex Pharmacy has made it a significant focus to help men and women find answers to their hormone imbalances with multiple treatment options with hormone replacement therapy also known as HRT.


Health Products

We recommend Science-Based Products because they meet the highest standards for research and quality manufacturing to help make natural approaches safer and more effective.

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Health Consultations

Schedule your one on one health consultation with Dr. Ike and he will guide you to the correct lifestyle changes inlcuding the types of supplements that your body needs. Results are individualized; however, Dr. Ike is aiming for you to feel at least 50% – 70% better within 2 weeks!

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